Something about the airplanes with which I fly aerobatic.

For flying in national and international aerobatic competitions, including aerobatic demonstrations on aviation days, I use the technique of Aeroclub of the Czech Republic and other from private operators.

ExtremeAir X42

Two-seat airplane for UNLIMITED aerobatics.

Engine: Lycoming 315 HP

Overloads + – 10 G

Maximal speed 420 km/h

Sbach 342


S-1 Swift

One-seater aerobatic glider for flying unlimited aerobatics.  




MDM-1 Fox

The glider was developed as an aerobatic special for flying in the Unlimited category. Allowed overloads are + 9 / -6 g with a maximum speed of almost 300km / h .


Zlín Z-50M

The Z-50M is all-metal single-engine. It is designed to perform aerobatic movements to the extent required for aerobatic competitions. The propulsion unit is an air-cooled, air-cooled, six-cylinder inverter with a metal propeller.

Super Decathlon

Overloads + 6 /- 5 G   

Maximal speed 320 km/h




Let L-13AC

L-13 AC Blaník is a version of the well-known training glider L-13 Blaník, designed for aerobatics. Compared to the L-13, it has a shorter wing and stronger wings.

Alexander Schleicher ASK-21

askckowings 17 m

max. speed 280 Km/h

overloads +6,5G / -4 G.

DG 1001

dg1001The high-performance two-seater glider, which is in the configuration with short wing extensions, is capable of basic aerobatics.
Wingspan: For glding = 20m, with short flights for flying aerobatics = 18m
overloads: + 7G and -5G
Maximum speed : 270 km / h